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Ready to change the world?

Graduate Fellowship

We offer working fellowships to fellows who meet our  academic performance standards. Graduates with a GPA of A- or greater become members of our placement program. Fellows with GPAs of B to B+ become members of our work marketplace.

Placement Program

We find our certified fellows work placements with global technology or media organizations. Certified fellows then work full time on a remote basis from offices we provide. 

Studio Marketplace

Our studio marketplace matches fellows with short and long term freelancing opportunities we generate. We find the clients, and distribute jobs to our certified fellows. The marketplace also provides organizations with on-demand talent; enabling startups or mature organizations to scale up or down as they may need from time to time.


Careers at the Academy

We are actively recruiting! We’re focused on building an enduring institution. That always starts with us building a team of people committed to our mission; democratizing access to opportunity and skills.


We’re recruiting instructors. These include mentors and facilitators covering everything from liberal arts disciplines like philosophy, to technical disciplines like object oriented programming. 

Developers & Designers

Are you a software developer, or digital designer? We build a lot of the tools we use to manage our learning and teaching experiences; as well as community management. Building great tools and experiences ultimately makes the fellow experience more delightful. 


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