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Global education that works

We prepare our fellows for global careers. Our fellows are based anywhere in Africa, the career opportunities we connect them to are global. Our curricula are built with this international perspective in mind.

Our Philosophy

We believe education is about more than gaining credentials. It’s also about gaining perspective and being able to build. Our approach to education is focused specifically on providing our fellows with the core skills to thrive in their chosen profession, and the global perspective necessary to work with teams or organizations anywhere in the world. 

Collaborative learning

Like team sports, learning is equal part team and individual effort. Fellows support each other, and are also given meaningful teaching support by their instructors. Fellows have facetime with their instructors each week, and through Class Guru, our internal social network–have unlimited time to connect with and learn with each other. Class Guru also provides fellow with all the core academic content they need to self-study. 

Remote Learning

When our fellows complete their programs we connect them to remote work opportunities. As such we believe it is fitting that our approach to teaching is 100% full time, and 100% remote; just like their jobs will be. 

Our programs are full time in that fellows are still expected to attend all classes.  Classes take place in normal working hours from 8am to 6pm, and are attended via live video conference. Fellows are also provided with all the tools they need for their program. 

Intensive Programs

All fellowship programs run for an initial 12 months made up of two halves. The first half consists of a two week pre-course program and 22 weeks of intensive learning. 

The second half of the program is dedicated purely to project based learning.

After our fellows complete the first year of the program, they are placed into a two year apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Model

Successful completion of instruction phase of each program will result in apprenticeship placements and mentor assignments. Fellows will be required to submit weekly achievement reports. The apprenticeships are conducted for a period of 24 months; 12 of which are unpaid, and another 12 of which are paid.

During this part of the fellowship program, fellows are solely expected to work on projects under supervision of a designated mentor. Fellows will also be required to be placed in teams working on ongoing projects for local and global organizations.

Our goal is to ensure that by the time fellows get certified, they will do so with 24 months experience working on ambitious projects.

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