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World Class 


Apprenticeships in Software Development and Digital Design. Learn to develop software, and design digital experiences. Get remote jobs at graduation, and seed stage capital for tech startups. Build the future with us.


Equal Opportunities

Human potential is distributed evenly across the world, access to opportunity is not. We’re building the ecosystem for opportunity distribution.

Scalable World Class Education

Traditional modes of education are not sufficiently scalable and therefore able to meaningfully address global inequality. We use technology to bridge the gap.

Giving Startups a Boost

Twice a year we do our part in building the technology startup ecosystem. We invest US$50,000 into four companies; and provide them with space to build the future.

Want to enroll at 
Explorer Academy?

A high-quality education isn’t worth much if fellows can’t find meaningful work. We’re committed to placing our fellows into work once they complete their Fellowship Program;  giving them a fair shot at putting their education to work.

Available Fellowship Programs

Learn to write code, to build mobile apps and other digital experiences. 

  • Web Development (Apply Now!!!)

  • Mobile Development (TBA)

Available Fellowship Programs

Learn how to make digital art, video games, and everything from branding and illustration, to Ux design, Ui design and everything in between.

  • Digital Design (Apply Now!!!)

  • Game Development (TBA)

Ready to change the world?

We exist to enable advanced learning for high skill work and to contribute new knowledge and products to the world. That last point involves pushing the limits of what is known.

Time to get paid!

Making sure our Certified Fellows get work is important to us. From their first day with us, our fellows are just learners–they are members of our community. The Academy functions like a guild. Upon certifying fellows, they remain members; and we find work for our members. High performers are placed in distributed remote roles as developers or designers, promising certified fellows with sufficient merit become members of our studio. Either way–our certified fellows get paid!

We’re hiring!

Are you a software developer, a DevOps guru, or an ace designer? We’re hiring and we’d love the opportunity to speak with you about joining our community of makers and instructors. 


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