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Philip Meggs has defined graphic design as an art and a profession that arranges visual elements such as words, images and colours in a way that clearly conveys a message. This can be the design of a how words appear on a screen, for instance, a font used or animated visuals like cartoons for kids or a logo. The main essence of a graphic designer is to be able to combine several different things and make them eye catchy, clear and informative. This can be done by combining pictures and words and several other elements depending on what is being communicated or the essence of the project being undertaken.

Meggs (2019) notes that graphic design is bound to technological innovations, the needs of society and the imagination and creativity of practitioners. Technology has being the driving force of designing because as it advances new ideas and ways of doing things changes and becomes better and by turn of the 21st century graphic designing has become a profession and its demand has largely grown in several industries.

For a graphic designer, one of the feats to thrive is to keep up with modern trends. As things change, technology advances, a designer needs to advance with it. The tech advancements and designer become one. What’s trending is what everyone wants, everyone wants to know what’s going on, what’s selling and for businesses, most, need to keep up with trends in order to be able to succeed.

Graphic designers all have a specific signature. You can tell who designed something by looking at it. It is important for a graphics designer to have an identity, that way people aren’t always wondering or getting confused. Yes spicing up things here and there is okay but stick to your signature.

Trends keep us in real time and hence always stay on top of trends as a designer. Understanding how things are changing and offering new fresh ideas to clients will keep you in business and most likely get you more of it.

Speaking of designs placing us in time, 2020 trend projections are better than before. And in future it will still continue to change because every day the world advances. Graphic deigning has reached a huge milestone.

Creating designs that are trending and adding your personal touch makes your work unique. There are several way to keep up with graphic design trends;

  1. Always try to do something new, something outside the box. Try and design something that has never been done, you might end up making the next best thing and being a trend yourself.
  2. Always read and research. Being open minded and gaining new knowledge will help you keep up with what’s currently obtaining on the ground. It will give you new insight and a different perspective to things.
  3. Keep your eyes open for anything new and creative, you never know where inspiration may hit you from. Learn and share your knowledge with other. Interacting with others help you gain perspective on new trends.

In this century, everything that is made or that we see is based off of what is currently happening and that’s where inspiration, creativity and great work emerges from. Staying on top of things and advancing with the world is your way in.

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