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The Internet has become a big part of our lives. I don’t suppose anyone remembers anything before that because everything we do is based off of the internet like work, school and social lives. Besides, you can’t explain a scenario you have never experienced. The internet of things (IoT) is anything that is connected to the internet, that is, devices with automated systems. It is about network connections, devices and data as a way of acquiring information, analysing and communicating, which offers an opportunity to be efficient and contextual.

According to a paper by Abdul-Qawy, IoT affects information and communication technologies by improving systems and applications by leveraging the developing ubiquity of devices/connectivity. First it was the internet of computers then the internet of people now the internet of things based off of being available anytime, anyplace, to anyone, for anything.

IoT is considered to be a pillar of future internet which is a new revolution in communication technology. It is a network that interconnects ordinary physical objects with the identifiable addresses which henceforth provides intelligent services. (Abdul-Qawy, 2015).

The internet of things is referred to as the Internet of Everything (IoE) because it is connected to literally everything like your alarms, sensors, surveillance and more. These are normally called smart devices. The IoE works in different ways; such as devices getting information from each other or humans giving instructions to devices. These devices generate huge expanses of internet traffic but fortunately allow for real time information like never before.

IoT integrates different data from devices and applies analytics to share information with applications built to address specific needs. IoT can perceive patterns, offer recommendations or sense conceivable problems. There are several instances that show the IoT.

The IoT is briefly explained, in that, devices are connected to each other and collect data which is then sent to a cloud and then processed so as to be made relevant and comprehensible to the user.

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